2" x 8' x .25" Bamboo Slats Natural - (25 Slats)

2" x 8' x .25" Bamboo Slats Natural - (25 Slats)
  • Item #: 41-N28
Natural bamboo slats may be used to cover ceilings, walls, tiki bars, or as wainscoting, and will bring a sense of natural rustic elegance to your decorating project. Use bamboo slats to cover the front of your kitchen counter or bathroom walls, and to add Eastern style or a tropical tiki theme to any room. No matter what the application, bamboo slats are a flexible, affordable, eco-friendly choice for finishing your interior or exterior remodeling or redecorating project. Bamboo slats are constructed of environmentally sustainable, harvested 5 inch diameter moso bamboo, which is precision-milled into rectangular strips. The sides and back of the bamboo slats are milled, and the face is left with its natural finish. This allows for easy, uniform installation, while providing a natural raw look on the surface. Our bamboo slats are flexible material which can be applied to a variety of surfaces; walls and ceilings, concave or convex surfaces, and round or square columns. Bamboo slats are easy to install and can be applied using adhesives, screws, nails, or staples, then easily stained and finished, or left with the natural organic finish.
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