Bamboo Border Edging Natural 1" x 8'

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  • Item #: 321-N8
Product Description
Natural bamboo border edging, is functional edging used for planter beds, walkways and landscape projects. Bamboo borders are drilled and strung with heavy galvanized wire that is not visible. Bamboo edgins is sturdy and can be formed to whichever shape you require. The top edge is staggered and made with 1" diameter bamboo poles.

Product Specifications
8"-12" Staggered Height 8' Long Order multiple units if you require longer distance coverage.

More About
Our border edging is constructed from 1" diameter bamboo poles that have been capped and connected with heavy gauge stainless steel wire. Each panel is pre-assembled in 8"-12" tall by 8' long staggered sections.
Due to its flexibility and ease of installation, our bamboo edging is an affordable way to add a natural look to walkways, gardens and any landscaping project. Bamboo edging is eco-friendly and manufactured from a renewable resource.
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Price $29.95