Peeled Reed Fencing - 6ft. H x 16 ft. L

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Product Description

Reed fencing is a convenient and cost-effective way to add texture and a dynamic aesthetic to your home and garden. This fencing is constructed from fresh water reed that grows abundantly along river banks, wetlands, and estuaries.

The pre-assembled reed fence panels are carefully woven together by vinyl-coated wire to ensure durability while remaining seamless. This lightweight reed material is perfect for easily covering unsightly structures such as old fencing, or it can add a tropical aesthetic to your landscape or pool area. Reed fencing can also serve a a privacy screen for your home or garden, and can help bring remodelling projects to life by bringing an elegantly natural beauty to your patio, landscape, backyard or deck fencing.

Using renewable, environmentally sustainable resources is an excellent way to aid in preserving our environment, as the abundant growth rate of fresh water reed makes it an eco-friendly building material.

Product Details

Height: 6'
Length: 16'

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Price $33.95